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You did homework do your yesterday

You did homework do your yesterday


You will only be aware of them when they do happen in future moments. The only breath that you can be aware of and that you can experience is the breath that you are taking right now. Bringing your awareness to your breath transports you instantly and effortlessly to the you did homework do your yesterday moment.

Did you do your homework yesterday? Were you doing your homework from eight till ten yesterday? Why was she sleeping at seven o'clock yesterday? He was sitting at the table the whole evening yesterday.

Yes, I did. (does it mean the student is completely prepared?) and can't I ask?, Have you done your homework?, Yes I've done it yesterday.

What did you do yesterday? Yesterdays are memories? It is how well we spend time and what productive work we could do that counts each day and marks a great difference in our yesterdays. In fact, yesterday's are guidelines for our tomorrows.

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