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Have you done all your homework

Have you done all your homework

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These are experienced persons who have already completed their papers and yours homework understand what it takes. Talk to your supervisor at every stage to ensure that you adhere to laid rules. Choose a Unique Topic That one line at the beginning of your paper means a lot more than it appears.

Miss Lillie is now taking homework papers from her pupils! but Kimberly is not yet done how whould she say to her teacher? Part 2 will be next later.

has an impact in the present, whereas "Did you finish your homework?" has no impact in the present and the homework was done in the past. Both mean the same thing "have you done your homework" is less likely to be used when you're talking to your friend I normally say. Is there a difference if we leave out the 'yet' in the above sentence? 'Have you finished your homework which should have been finished by.

Https://rezcourse.icu/8blog/1828-media-management-thesis.php You had better do your homework at once. CK Brian gets his mother to do his homework. CK I wanted you to help me with my homework. CK I will go out after I finish my homework.

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