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Essay on air transport in nepal

Essay on air transport in nepal

Domestic Flights in Nepal, Kathmandu to Biratanagar (Yeti Airlines)

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The aviation history of Nepal started in early 's. Without the use of air transport, remote places are cut off from point of view of tourism.

As major portion of the road network of this recently declared federal republic is still in the primitive and insufficient state, air strips provide a comparatively safer and reliable, although bit expensive, mode of transportation. The gateways to the chief tourist essays on air transport in nepal in Nepal like Lukla, JohmsomDolpa, Pokhara had airdromes before they were linked into the road network.

The remote tourist district of Solu Khumbu alone, which seats the Mount Everest, consists of 4 airports! There are about 18 private companies which are granted the license to operate air services by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. Due to the extensive air network and additional aircrafts from private companies, flights are operated in almost regular basis to the major parts of the country.

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