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Short essay on global warming in 150 words

Short essay on global warming in 150 words

A short and smart paragraph on global warming in educational channel by Ritashu

Have the assignment available in class as either a Microsoft Word or global warming file. Reading: Spring, Chapters Homework: Draft of science essay, at least half-complete. Reading: Spring, Chapters Homework: Full draft of science essay. In-class: Peer review of science essay. Reading: Plains, Chapters In-class: First check this out timed essay.

Global Warming Essay: Facts about Global Warming Spread Environmental Awareness and Encourage Fight against Global Warming Through Your Global Warming Essay The definition of Global warming is, “The observed and projected increase in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans”. Human actions, primarily the release of green house gases from smokestacks, vehicles, and burning forests, are perhaps the chief power causing this situation.

On the other hand, the huge level of climatic changes can be seen on the earth surface in the recent time as an effect of global warming. Solutions of Global warming: — Global warming cannot be stopped totally, but can be controlled.

In order to control global warming at first, we, the people of this globe need to be conscious. People should also arrange different awareness programs among the unaware people to control global warming.

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